What We Do

Althelim Integrated Services Company is one of the leading professional groups of organization in the Eastern region. The company operates and delivers a broad range of industrial and customer driven businesses such as, trading and contracting services, training and education, international qualifications, health and related services, laboratory and field technicians services, designs and construction solutions. It was founded to provide and address the need of people for competitive level of customer satisfaction. We employ dedicated staffs ready to work hand in hand with our clients to identify and choose the best possible solution to their needs.

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Industrial Enterprises

Combined with our expertise in running training programs, Althelim Integrated Services Company managed to maintain its strong presence in the Eastern Province by establishing various business activities such as Althelim for Inspection.

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Our Institutes

Althelim Integrated Services Company institutes operate from a purpose built modern training facility and provide a wide range of specialist courses, safety training, welding, construction, IT and other technical vocational qualifications.

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Training Centers

Our training centers have been established to serve as real workshops as they provide trainees with theoretical knowledge and practical experience, and guide the trainees to reach professional levels that enable them to succeed in practicing their jobs and face all possible future difficulties in the workplace with great determination and sharp minds. The training programs are implemented by an elite group of trainers who have accumulated their knowledge and experiences from different parts of the world. Our trainers’ skills are efficiently invested by our professional experiences in managing training programs.

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Other Services

The group is also known in Al – Hassa to be the pioneer in leasing and rental of office space, bulidings, flat and apartments for accomodations as well as constructing villas in the region.

Government Partners

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Ministry of Education

Mindful of the need to ensure that the Kingdom’s should be equal population to the challenges of the developmental process, the government has devoted vast resources to a program covering primary, secondary and higher levels of education.

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Technical and Vocational Training Corporation

Having the interest in preapring the manpower for technical and vocational fields and the increasing need for qualifying the Saudi youth for technical and industrial fields, the Kingdom collected all fields of technical and vocational training in an umbrella organization - the TVTC.

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Human Resources Development Funds

[HADAF] devotes serious visions aimed at developing the national workforce and raising its competitiveness by supporting specialized programs geared towards training, qualification and employment. It devises its strategic plans to explore, qualify and invest in the comprehensive economic development process . To achieve its objectives , HADAF has developed a well-established system based on developmental values, such as excellence, learning, justice, team spirit and loyalty.

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Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Enhancing both trade and industry sectors' capacities and maintaining beneficiaries' interests, through developing and implementing effective and efficient policies and mechanisms, which may contribute in achieving sustainable economic development.

Business Partners

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