Our History

Althelim Business Bureau was established in 1981 in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Saad Abdullah Alwehaimed, owner and chairman of Althelim, who worked previously in General Organization for Railways and was the mayor of Al-Oyun Municipality back in the 80’s. He resigned from his duty as mayor in 1981 and since then engaged himself working to establish businesses in the Eastern province. Althelim Business Bureau is socially and ethically bound to being thoughtful and honest with our local and global partners. Having the interest in preparing the manpower for technical and vocational fields, and the increasing need for qualifying the Saudi youth for technical and industrial fields; the Kingdom collected all fields of technical and vocational training in an umbrella organization – the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC). Through the years, as the business expounds to venture in different fields like warehousing and storage, inspection, consultancy, operations and maintenance, and real estate, it became the “Althelim Integrated Services Company” of today as the trademark in enhancing both trade and industry sectors' capacities and maintaining beneficiaries' interests, through developing and implementing effective and efficient policies and mechanisms, which may contribute in achieving sustainable economic development.

The Chairman


Saudi Arabia is experiencing transitional economic development and we are coping with harmonizing Saudi 2030 vision. Customers are the heart of everything we do. The success of Althelim Integrated Services Company lies deeply in our pillars of customer satisfaction practices: Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Environment and Human Development. We aim to continuously improve our capabilities and expand our product offerings, serving our customers in the Kingdom and regionally. We are constantly molding and re-shaping our organization culture with improved operation efficiencies to meet the challenges in discerning customer expectations. We also realize that employees are the corner stone of this aspiration, guided by the best practices, cutting-edge technology and sustainable business practices.

No organization can adapt itself and stay competitive in this endlessly and unpredictably changing business environment if it sticks to as huge and slow-moving a systems as a dinosaur.

Moving ahead, we are dedicated to build long sustainable partnerships and stand true to every customer being unique, and therefore customizing resources and skill sets for greater business prosperity. In submission, I would like to thank all our loyal customers for their trust, our stakeholders for their guidance, our partners for their support and our dedicated culturally diversified employees for their sheer determination to face all kind of challenges as we steer Althelim Integrated Services Company to become a leader of choice. I am confident that Althelim Integrated Services Company will be a force in the industry and a trusted partner in global horizons.

Althelim Integrated Services Company, your insignia of excellence.



Dear Friends,

I am very happy to welcome each and every one to experience our trainings at PNGIT. We are constantly striving to perfect our program offerings, so when our graduates leave the Institute, they have the necessary skills and competencies to join the workforce.All our programs have been developed by experts in the Industry and at the same time reviewed by academicians who are involved in the preparations of training materials. These materials coupled with inputs from around the world are used in giving instructions and practical applications in and out of the classroom.

Our students also benefit from our international affiliations with entities from all over the globe who are experienced organizations in the field of Oil and Gas, HSE, drilling and other disciplines, at the same time PNGIT is working in collaboration with big corporations and multinationals in taking in our graduates as well as giving them the essential exposures by giving our students actual work exposures during their On the Job Training. All of these in partnership with Technical Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) will make sure that our students will have great future ahead of them.

I wish you all luck. Thank you.

Quality Policy

We are committed to providing customers with services of the highest possible Degree of Excellence. In order to achieve this, we are continually improving processes and services, meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction at all times. The implementation of the quality policy is the responsibility of all staff members, with overall responsibility residing with the Board of Directors. We realize that Quality is the responsibility of all personnel, and therefore will promote a Quality Culture within the organization by means of sharing information and delegating specific Quality Management functions to suitably skilled and competent persons. It is compulsory that all staff recognize and accept our philosophy of quality service delivery, accepting accountability for their own output.

Mission & Vision

We envision Althelim Integrated Services Company as an industrial service with a global perspective emphasizing quality, values, and leadership skills relevant to national development.

Our mission is to support strongly, professionally and technically our customers anywhere in the region through quality-driven, service-oriented workforce, as well as the supply of material, equipment and services, and development of local content that aim to create jobs, promote enterprise development and accelerate the transfer of skills and technologies.